Our Future and Past Events

At Elim House Day Centre we aim at keeping our members happy and what better than events to cheer everyone up!!!

On most events throughout the year we welcome family members, friends and carers. 

Black History Month

At Ecas we always celebrate the Black History Month with special activities. This year we will engage with our users and guests through the 60's fashion representations.


We will have dance, activities and a delicious menu! Dress up and join us in the celebration of our shared culture!


For more information call Patsy on 0207 348 9502

Black History Month 2015.jpg
Christmas Party

The Elimhouse Christmas party is popular in our local community.

On this special day we create a fantastic menu and activities where all can take part.


As usual all family and friends are welcome!


For more information call Patsy on 0207 358 9502

Christmas Dinner
Harvest Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving ceremonies and celebrations for a successful harvest are both worldwide and very ancient.


At ECAS, we have been celebrate this day by singing, praying and decorating our main hall with baskets of fruit and food.


For more information call Patsy on 0207 358 9502

Thanksgiving Pumpkins
Visit to French Markets

This year we are offering our users, family members and carers the opportunity to visit the Christmas Markets of the French cities of Boulogne and Calais on the 12th of December.


The tickets are already on sale and cost £35 for adults and £20 to under 14's.

For more information call Patsy on 0207 358 9502

Monday Market

Elimhouse Community Association Southwark

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