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About Us

Patsy Robinson

Senior Care and Activity Worker

Patsy has been employed at Elim House since 2005. She has had several roles over the years, making her an invalauble member of the team. What she loves most is the daily support and working with the elders who attend the centre.

Mr Aubyn Graham

Chairman and Volunteer


Aubyn Graham MA has over 30 years of experience delivering services to community groups in a professional voluntary capacity. Aubyn is a former elected local government councillor and a former Chair of LBS Health & Social Care Committee. Aubyn works with and provides services for disadvantaged and vulnerable community groups across all age ranges. He has been a trustee and volunteer at the day centre for almost 3 decades. His experience in managing community centers, working with groups, and delivering face to face services for people in the community spans 25 years. He is a qualified youth and community worker and holds a MA in Adult and Further Education from London University.  

Icelyn Wilson

Activity and Care Support Worker

Icelyn started working with ElimHouse in May 2021 and is very passionate in her daily role of supporting the centre's members.

"I love working with the members because they can teach us so much, because they have so much knowledge." - Icelyn

Faith Ashforth

Care and Development Worker


Faith has over 15 years of experience in IT and Administration. Her organisational experience with leading retail outlets makes her a valuable member of the team.   

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Fitzroy Thompson

Centre Minibus Driver

Graham Spencer

Centre Cook

As the centre's cook, Graham has a key part to play in the provision of daily sustenance to the centre's members. His nutritional knowledge means that meals are prepared with the care and attention that meets the needs of our service users.


"I have a passion for food and when cooking, I am doing what I really enjoy."  - Graham

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